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PCU College of Holistic Medicine

PCU College of Holistic Medicine is one of the leading colleges for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Canada. Since opening its doors in 2002, the college has provided quality education in the areas of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spa Therapy, Acupuncture, Chinese Massage and more.

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PCU College's faculty is made up of international experts whose practical knowledge enhances the students' learning experience. Instructors teach both Eastern and Western medical courses in order to give students a well-rounded knowledge base.

The college believes in providing a hands-on, real world education. All programs at PCU College have clinical internships or practicum placements to allow for maximum skill development. In addition, TCM students can intern onsite at the PCU College Holistic Healing Center, a functional clinic that offers several alternative health services to the public.

PCU College is fully accredited by the Private Career Training Institute Agency (PCTIA) of British Columbia and the TCM education programs prepare students to write the licensing exams of the College for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CTCMA) of British Columbia.


  • Acupuncture
  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Spa Therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
  • Tuina/Anmo
  • Teaching English as a Second Language - TESL
  • Estetician Diploma
  • Spa Therapy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner
  • Registered Massage Therapy
  • Tuina/Anmo